Does Caregiver Stress Lead You to Overeat?

Worried about your mom or dad who has dementia, or perhaps a loved one soon moving to hospice care.

Turning to chocolate chip cookies and other high-calorie foods for comfort?

You keep telling yourself tomorrow is a new day

Only to wake up, start the day off ‘good’ and then end the day feeling so totally out of control?

But you're exhausted on every level that you feel you'll never break the cycle?

Life's too short to spend it struggling with overeating - or the scale

What if there was another way...

Where you can trust your inner body wisdom to make choices around food

Stop warring against your body and create peace within

And even discover what “true” fullness looks like without avoiding foods you love

Break free from the binge cycle and feel in control around food again

Welcome to Your 90-Day Intuitive Eating Program

Lose Weight Without Dieting

Start your journey with a comprehensive intuitive eating guide

Weekly Accountability Coaching

Submit your progress and check-in with your certified nutrition coach

Daily Food Journal

Use our health tracking feature to record your emotional wellness

Stress-Free Family Meal Plans

Download weekly grocery list, clean eating recipes and prep guide

Daily Self Care Made Possible

Meditation, Yoga, Dance, Fitness, Cooking, Journaling, Essential Oil & More!

What You’re Going To Get...

Week 1 - The Baseline

Week 2 - Ditch the Diet Mentality

Week 3 - Embrace Hunger

When we take care of ourselves, we can be a pillar of support for people we love

Join the Healthy Caregiver Community

"Everything you need!"

Not only does it have everything you need for your health journey, but it’s a fun way to kickstart your new lifestyle! Caregiver, Rebecca Shapiro

"Caregivers deserve a break"

My energy levels were all over the place... this allowed me to put dance & clean eating back into my life. Caregiver, Evan Kharrazi

"Different modalities of self-care"

As a wellness provider, I Iove teaching how to incorporate natural solutions (essential oils) into your day-to-day. Caregiver, Danette Penrod

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